UFAN-DOES is the leading voice in Utah, representing individuals and families diagnosed with an eosinophilic disorder. Since the beginning, DOES has worked tirelessly to make Utah a safer place for you and your family.

UFAN-DOES has continued to advocate on Utah’s Capitol Hill for insurance coverage of medical foods (elemental formula). We are committed to working with our local and national partner organizations, researchers, physicians, legislators, and patients in an effort to gain access to this effective treatment for patients who rely on it.

UFAN-DOES works to keep Utahn’s aware and informed on issues related to an eosinophilic disorder. By attending community events, working with local T.V. media, newspaper, and radio, we have been able to educate thousand about this rare disorder and advocate on your behalf. We will continually strive to be a presence in the community in order to educate others about the issues and struggles of patients and families diagnosed with an EGID.

Anyone can be an advocate. Let your voice be heard. If you would like to stay informed on issues related specifically to Utah or you would like to join our efforts, please contact our volunteer specialist:

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