Teen Group



The Mission of the UFAN Teen Group is to provide:

  • Support in peer relationships and with adults as teens advocate for themselves,
  • Education and encouragement to act safely and responsibly, and
  • Volunteer opportunities in the community to serve others and foster awareness.


Teens are at the highest risk for fatal, food-induced anaphylactic reactions.  Why?  Teens like to take risks!  Educate yourself and others on how to manage your food allergy and social situations that may come up and how to avoid those risks.  Learn the steps to being prepared in case you do have a reaction.  Click on the link:  http://www.foodallergy.org/resources/teens for some amazing resources, ideas and information on national education conferences.

1016506_603803816306329_1608864541_nYou won’t want to miss UFAN’s annual Teen Conference in Salt Lake City.  What a great place to meet other local teens with food allergies and EoE.  You will learn from each other and food allergy/EoE experts from across the country.


teen volunteersShare your experience and compassion with others as you volunteer at UFAN events.  It feels amazing to help and lift others who may be new to the world of food allergy.  It’s fun and a great way to get to know others and feel positive about your food allergy.

Contact Tammy Zundel, UFAN President to get more involved or for more information on any of our teen events.

Teen Talk

This video produced by the Food Allergy Initiative features teens talking about going to college, hanging out with friends and juggling the daily decisions involved with having food allergies.

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