Recent changes have occurred concerning the Utah Food Allergy Network’s Executive Board!  We want to take a moment to thank Julie Alverson and Melissa Sauter as they have finished their terms as President and Executive Director, respectively.

JulieJulie has been the heart of UFAN as she has served for over eleven years in various roles. Her dedication and passion for helping those navigate life with food allergies has not gone unnoticed.  It would be of no surprise to see Julie with her arm around an individual, giving support to someone recently hospitalized, sharing recipes, helping behind the scene at events, or comforting and educating the newly diagnosed.

MelissaMelissa has been a strength of knowledge, giving of her time and support to make connections and changes for the better in and outside of our food allergy community.  She has been readily available to talk or help those struggling with eosinophilic disorders, navigating 504 law, restricted diets, a new diagnosis, and those looking to make the most of life. Melissa has been a great resource & support to our food allergy community.

Together, Julie and Melissa made huge strides in bringing support, awareness, and education to our local families, physicians and dietitians, advocacy groups, schools, PTA/PTO and countless others.  Both of these women gave of their time and talents to better the food allergy community. We thank them for their service.

Julie will continue to volunteer with the Utah Food Allergy Network as the Acting Director for the Division of Eosinophilic Support (DOES) and Melissa has accepted an appointment to the UFAN Advisory Board.

TammyWe are so glad to welcome Tammy Zundel as the new UFAN President!  She is no stranger to UFAN. Soon after Tammy’s daughter was diagnosed with an Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder in 2007, she organized Utah’s only support, education, and advocacy group specifically for eosinophilic patients and their families. She has served many years as the Director of the Division of Eosinophilic Support for Utah Food Allergy Network (UFAN-DOES).

Tammy has a passion for supporting, educating and advocating for those diagnosed with an eosinophilic disorder, severe allergies, on a restricted diet, or needing feeding tube support. Tammy recently accepted the role of APFED’s Medical Food Advocacy Coordinator. Tammy graduated with a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Utah and loves working with youth and families living with chronic illness. She currently lives in Orem with her husband and four children.

We look forward to what the future holds!