1 – Visit the Auvi-Q web page to get the most current updates on the recall. Sanofi has been responding to all relevant questions, concerns, and providing direction as they increase bandwidth in responding to consumer concerns there.

Sanofi has added an additional phone number for consumers to call to get directions for returning your device and reimbursement information. Please call EITHER 1-877-319-8963 OR 1-866-726-6340. They had previously noted that, due to the high volume of calls being received, callers may have received a message that the line is down, and are asking to please call back if this happens.

2 – Sanofi also recommends consumers contact their healthcare providers to obtain a new prescription for an alternate epinephrine auto-injector. They have noted that in the event of a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), patients should only use their Auvi-Q device if another epinephrine auto-injector is not available, and then call 911 or local medical emergency services.

3 – Finally, Mylan has issued a press release confirming the availability of EpiPen Auto-Injector for U.S. patients affected by Sanofi’s Auvi-Q® recall. Additionally, Mylan offers several patient programs and resources including the “$0 Co-Pay Offer” for eligible patients* and a patient assistance program for qualified individuals. Patients can download the co-pay card at epipen.com.

One of the top questions being asked is, “Will I have to pay for a replacement device?” From the Sanofi website FAQ, “Initially, patients will need to pay for their replacement device. Sanofi US will reimburse patients for the full out‑of‑pocket cost when they receive a new epinephrine auto‑injector.” So be sure to keep your receipts! Also, consider calling around to different pharmacies if you are having a hard time locating replacement devices.