Primary Children’s Hospital Opens FED Clinic

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that the joint Allergy-GI-Nutrition clinic at PCH opens today, May 17th, 2016! It is called the FED Clinic (Food Allergies & Eosinophilic GI Disorders Clinic), though people will often refer to it as the EoE or EGID clinic. The FED Clinic will operate every Tuesday afternoon at Primary Children’s Hospital Eccles Outpatient Center. The core staff will be Dr. Jake Robson and Dr. Molly O’Gorman (GI), Dr. Rafael Firszt (Allergy), Tina McGrew (Nutrition, Allergy Focus), and Dr. Laura Bennett Murphy (Psychology).

The main goal of the FED Clinic is to provide longitudinal care for children in the Intermountain Region with eosinophilic GI disorders. A secondary goal of this clinic is to enter patients into a longitudinal database, to track symptoms, markers of disease activity, endoscopic findings, and response to treatment.

The FED Clinic can be reached at 801-213-3599 and is open to referral of patients, including:

  1. those with high concern for EGID without a formal diagnosis,
  2. those with an EGID diagnosis with complex/refractory disease,
  3. those with an EGID diagnosis in need of coordination of care to present a unified front to patient/family in a single visit

UFAN applauds the many physicians, patients, families, and advocates who have been asking for and making this wish a reality for over three years! Thank you to Primary Children’s Hospital and University of Utah Health Care for responding to the voice and needs of the community. We look forward to championing the new FED Clinic and supporting the efforts of excellent coordinated care and novel research initiatives.